How to MAXIMIZE the potential of your BRAND!

It’s been 11 years since YouTube was launched, 9 years since Tumblr, 5 years since Instagram and 4 years since Medium. While you may use these platforms to view new content and connect with other creatives, the thought of publishing material in a new channel can be intimidating.

If you’re a social influencer, it means you’ve already established a following on a social media platform. If you’re a comedian, Twitter may be your bread and butter. Your comfort zone. But the point is this, why put all your eggs in one basket? For example: As a comedian, your tweets may be short and hilarious, but what if they’re leaving your followers pining for more content? Going through a tweet history isn’t as engaging as going through video uploads.

The ideal sweet spot? You could create a YouTube channel of your stand-up routines. You’d be reaching out to a crowd of people that you couldn’t reach before and strengthen the connections to your existing following. The more time that a person invests into your content, the more likely they’ll come back. Your fanbase would grow to know your face, your mannerisms, your voice.

What’s great about branching out into a new platform is the room for growth. After you’ve established your initial following, it’s common for content creators to feel like they’ve reached a plateau. You might feel like you’ve exhausted the ideas you have for fresh content, or simply lose some drive. When you’re trying a new social media channel, you’re not starting from scratch… But leaving your comfort zone is enough to give you a new kick of motivation!

In the immortal words of J.P.Morgan, “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” 

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How to MAXIMIZE the potential of your BRAND!

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