google pixel vs iphone 7

Pixel Phone by Google vs. Iphone 7

google pixel vs iphone 7
The Pixel was first announced on October 4th by Google, along with the Pixel XL. It is the first phone with the Google Assistant built in. The 12.3 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera produce exceptional image clarity in low light, bright light, or any light. Both phones have aluminum and glass backs and a fingerprint sensor just below the rear camera. Google didn’t promise that both phones will have very long battery life, but they did promise that 15 minutes of charging will give both phones about 7 hours of battery life thanks to fast-charging technology.

Both Pixel and Pixel XL are the first two phones to serve as both the brains and display of Google’s $79 Daydream View. You can connect your Pixel phone onto the VR headset and you’ll be in a virtual world and experience 360-degree view.

One thing people are dying to try, is Pixel’s Google Assistant. It is available with a long press of the on-screen home button. Ask it the usual questions and get reliable answers, but it goes deeper. If you have an upcoming flight, for instance, it can remind you when to leave for the airport.

The Assistant is baked into Android, it even can scan what you’re looking at on screen and predict what action you’d like to take next, like its predecessor, Google Now on Tap. 

With all these awesome new features Pixel has, you may be wondering why there’s not much hype about it compared to Apple’s Iphone 7. Although Google adds more features to their new phones with not just their software, but with their designs also, and Apple hasn’t really made any new big changes with their new phones, how come Apple’s Iphone 7 is getting more hype than Google’s Pixel phone?

apple iphone 7

Every year, the most common complaint people had was that Android’s camera sucked and they should work towards building high-quality cameras on their Android phones. Well, that’s exactly what the Google Pixel is. Built by the highly experienced team at HTC, augmented with Google’s best Android, Google’s timely and longer-lasting software support, and a camera good enough to surpass every other mobile camera on DxOMark. Now, this paints a pretty promising picture for the Pixel’s photo-taking capabilities.

So why am I not feeling quite so thrilled about their new Pixel phone? It is due to the fact that the way we frame things, the way we talk about them, matters.

One problem for Google is that the Pixel’s appearance didn’t pour out onto the online world during the month of September. Apple Inc. knows the challenges of stirring excitement about an already familiar design, so it announces with flashy manufacturing videos voiced by chief designer Jony Ive. Google didn’t go in for any such glamorizing of its new devices, and consequently the Pixel felt almost stale by the time it made its formal debut.

The difference between two phones and how well each of them did, is the angle they each focused on. Google focused on improving their phone and making big changes to their phones, meanwhile Apple, made a few changes to their phones but nothing major but they focused mostly on how to advertise it and get people’s attention.

It doesn’t matter whether our product is better than our competitors or the other way around. It doesn’t matter if the design has changed drastically or not, it’s the way we advertise it. We choose the right angle on how to get through to people and we choose the correct way of advertising our product.

We focus on what is in trend and what people are looking for in the current time, and we grasp that and take it into our advantage.


So let’s get to work and get that success we’ve been dying to get!

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