The Next Big Thing: Snapchat Memories

It’s been a little under a month since Snapchat launched its game-changing update: Snapchat Memories. If you’ve been with Snapchat since its inception, you’ll remember that users were originally unable to save both incoming and outgoing snaps. StLouisRamsJerseysOnline A lot has changed since then, but Snapchat Memories will completely revolutionize how people go about storing their memories.

Built-in photo albums are great and decently organize your photos and videos by date, but Memories upgrades that original format. With Memories, all your videos are organized seamlessly by month, and the viewing experience feels like watching exciting, endless reels of your life. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat now includes filters, stickers, captions, images, and short-form video. It’s your photo feed on steroids.

There’s two new features that you need to jump on:


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.23.23 PM

Have you ever pulled out your Camera Roll to show your friend a hilarious selfie, but accidentally scrolled to the right and revealed an embarrassing bikini pic? “My Eyes Only” allows you to create a private album, where you’ll be able to keep all your most personal pictures and videos locked in. No room for awkward situations here.

Open Memories, and select the pictures or videos you’d like to keep private. Then, click on the padlock button at the bottom of the screen, and click “Move”. Create your 4-digit passcode and you’ll be ready to go!



You’re probably familiar with the hashtags #TBT and #FBF. Snapchat now allows you to go back into your personal archives to reshare your old snaps. These re-shared snaps will have a border around them, to signify that they’re not new. The best part: you can selectively choose who you’re sharing these with!

Memories also allows you to create new stories by combining your old snaps. You’ll be able to rewind time instantly and send these new stories to your friends! This feature is perfect for reminiscing with your friends about last year’s vacation or birthday party.

With all its’ new features, Memories makes sharing photos and videos faster and more fun than our standard photo app.

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